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How To Qualify

To qualify for this award your children or grandchildren must:

  1. Be 16 or 17 years old at the commencement of the I.Y.G.
  2. The member nominating must be financial



The lucky winners will take part in:

  • Supervised activities and travel overseas
  • Meeting young people from all over the world
  • Lots of fun and sightseeing
  • Making lifelong friendships

Youth Activities

IPA AUSTRALIA: Dodd Memorial Award
Terms And Conditions


To assist the children/grandchildren of financial members of the Australia Section IPA to attend an International Youth Gathering.


The IPA Australia Dodd Memorial Award is open to children and grandchildren of financial members of the Australian Section of the IPA, aged between 16 and 18 years of age. The applicant must be either 16 or 17 years of age at the commencement of the International Youth Gathering.


Nominations shall be on the approved application form.

Details required and copies of documents are stipulated on the application form.

Nominations will be called for by publication in the Australian Section Magazine and the IPA Australia website and any other publication that the Award Committee deems suitable.


The award may be presented to a youth annually. The award shall be presented to a youth, who in the opinion of the Award Committee has demonstrated that they would be a worthy representative of the Australian Section.

The decision of the Award Committee shall be final and shall not be open to challenge or discussion.

The host country of each International Youth Gathering will stipulate there own terms and conditions. Applicants should make themselves aware of the terms and conditions regarding the International Youth Gathering they propose to attend.

The successful applicant will be required to provide a police clearance certificate. Upon being identified as the recipient of the Dodd Memorial Award it will be the responsibility of the awardee to obtain a police clearance certificate and present this to the National Executive Bureau prior to the 30th January in the year the award will be taken. If the awardee does not provide this certificate by this date the award will be withdrawn and a new awardee identified from the applications received.


The award shall consist of a prize of such monetary value as determined by the National Executive Council upon receipt of advice from the Treasurer.

The award prize shall be used to assist the winner to travel to the International Youth Meeting of their choice.

Nominations will be called for in June of each year with the closing date the last mail to the nominated address before 30th September of that year. Award recipients will be officially announced at the National Australia AGM each year.

The award recipient’s identity will be published in the Australian Section Magazine and on the IPA Australian Website.

The award committee is not bound to make an award if there is no suitable applicant.

The winner will provide the Award Committee with written proof in the way of receipts or written evidence that the money was expended in attending the International Youth Meeting stipulated in the application.

A written report is required from the applicant at the completion of their attendance at the International Youth Gathering, This report will be published in the National Magazine of the Australian Section.


The Award Committee shall consist of the National President, as Chairperson, The National Treasurer, the Executive Director of the Award, and the Chairman of each Region or his appointed representative.

The regional representative shall assist with advertising the award in their own region.

If required referees will be contacted to verify information supplied. All inquiries will be made discreetly and results referred to the Executive Director of the award.


The winner must agree to participate in publicity to announce the winner of the award and support the award.


The National Treasurer shall be responsible for the administration of funds for the award and shall present a report on the financial status at the Annual General Meeting as required by the constitution and rules of the International Police Association Australian Section.

The National Treasurer shall invest the funds as they think fit. The Treasurer shall provide advice to the National Executive Council as to the amount of money the Treasurer believes should be awarded as the prize for that year.