About the Bill Weaving Memorial Award for Photography

In memory of our departed member William (Bill) Weaving …. Welcome to the “The Bill Weaving Memorial Award for Photography” Our gracious thanks is extended to Victoria Region member Mrs Suzanne Pinchen for her generous offer in providing an annual prize for the competition to honour Bill’s memory.

Bill was an avid photographer and in fact one of his first vocations was as a photographer for a national magazine. His camera was always close by for use in professional and personal situations. As most good photographers do, he would take many shots and keep only the best. Hopefully this competition will foster that professionalism and striving for excellence in photography for this magazine. (Click here to read more).


The competition will run from December to October each year with the annual winner(s) being announced at the National AGM each year.

The requirements are simple – send in a photo that will have all readers spellbound. Well, perhaps that is a little over the top but, they will need to be good photos.

This year, as we are already half way through the period for entries, we will commence the competition in our June magazine. There will be one prize awarded for an overall category however, from the December magazine there will be a first prize of $250 in each of two categories –

1/ IPA or Police related and

2/ General Open photos (can include travel, hobbies or interests etc)

Before we set out the rules, here are some basic common sense guidelines. In selecting a photo for entry, make sure it is the ‘best of the bunch’.  Don’t send in ten photos for us to select the best photo please, you can only send in one in each category for each edition of the magazine. Make sure the image is crisp and clear and within the rules of the competition.

There are two categories for entries into the photo competition –

Category 1: IPA or Police related photos. Photos in this category should centre around distinct IPA activities or functions (not just the monthly BBQ at a member’s home) or, an interesting photo of Police undertaking their duties.

Category 2: Open photographs. Includes photos on any topic including travel, hobby or interest activities.


  1. The competition is open to financial members of the International Police Association Australian Section.
  2. Members are permitted to enter one photograph per category for each edition of the Police Down Under magazine.
  3. Photographs entered must be non offensive, non security compromising, non inflammatory. No panoramic or portrait photos will be accepted.
  4. All images must be submitted as digital files in JPEG format.
  5. Digital images are to be submitted by email as an attachment and be at least 1MB and no more than 5MB in size. No postal entries will be accepted.
  6. Images must be original and not enhanced or compressed (Photoshop is not acceptable).
  7. Images entered into the competition must have been taken by the applicant.
  8. Copyright of all images submitted for the competition must be owner by the member submitting the image(s).  When the image is entered into the competition the owner grants the International Police Association permission to feature the image in any promotional material connected to this competition and in any International publication relating to the International Police Association.
  9. No fee will be paid to entrants.
  10. Images entered into the competition will firstly be viewed by the National President and shortlisted for publishing in each edition of the Police Down Under magazine.
  11. Closing date for the annual completion will be the last Sunday in August. The finalists for the year will be selected and presented to the National Judge for selection of the winner in each category.
  12. The decision by the judge is final.
  13. Winners will be announced at the National Annual General Meeting in October each year.
  14. The Rules and conditions of the competition may be changed or the competition terminated by the International Police Association Australian Section at any time as required.

PLEASE REMEMBER – All images entered must have a timeline advising information such as: photo taken by; location photo taken (e.g. ‘holiday in Paris’); date (can be approximate).

All entries are to be sent to the Secretary General. Final closing date is the last Sunday of August each year. Email: Secretarygeneral Email Address

 Secretary General