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Item Code Description Price* Size (mm)
 Tie Pin  Magnet NB1
Pin NB2
I.P.A W.A Region Tie Pin(Click image to enlarge)  $5.00 Approx
20 x 20mm
Name Badge TP1  I.P.A. Name Badge
(engraved with name and Region or just name additional $10) Available with magnet or pin back(Click image to enlarge)
$5.00  Name Plate: 50 x 15Total Height: 55mm
 Ipa Gilt Banner  EB1  I.P.A Australia hand embroidered banner
(Click image to enlarge)
 $25.00  230mm wide 260mm high
WAIPA Silk Banner SB1 I.P.A. – W.A. Region silk banner
(Click image to enlarge)
$5.00 160mm wide 260mm high